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Author Topic:   The 2016 United States Presidential Election
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10-10-2016 12:49 PM
Reply to: Message 15 by RAZD
10-10-2016 9:48 AM

Re: PEEPING TOM @ Miss Universe
The Clinton machine built him up ...
Seriously? You don't think the GOP brought this on themselves?
The GOP is pandering only to the most right wing of its base. Anyone who advocates compromising or violating the sacred tenets (tax cuts for the rich, more military spending, etc.) is vilified as "RINO" - republican in name only - like it's a fundamentalist religion.
Middle & lower class Republicans see themselves treading water at best. Congress is doing nothing for them and the GOP presidential candidates are more of the same.
Of course Trump as new & different is going to get all the attention as well as the "he can't be any worse than what we've got" vote.
So the media takes it easy on Trump early on. First of all the media is looking for quick & easy stories that don't require time, money, or research. Second, Trump is more entertaining so the ratings are up.
The real research on Trump probably didn't really start until he had the nomination and was polling close to Clinton. Then people finally think " huh, I wonder what this guys really thinks and does since he might actually win."

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10-12-2016 6:50 PM

Good ideas gone stupid
One of my issues with the GOP and the "conservatives" is that they've taken decent ideas to stupid extents.
My prime example is tax rates. We are currently have federal deficit spending. So what is the conservative plan? Cut taxes more.
Trump took it to levels beyond stupid by advocating to cut taxes, spend more on military AND spend on infrastructure. How would he handle the payments? By not paying. Since the damn furners hold about $6 trillion that's fine. Of course the various US entities and individuals owning the remaining $13 trillion would be screwed.
How am I supposed to take seriously anyone supporting this type of stupidity?
What happened to "conservative" meaning preserving long term values? Now it means concreting the existing power structure into place at all cost and ignoring the future consequences.
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