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Author Topic:   Disadvantageous Mutations: Figures
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11-16-2016 8:57 AM
Reply to: Message 1 by Gregory Rogers
11-16-2016 5:33 AM

Never settle
Gregory Rogers writes:

This will be my second post re the Creation-Evolution controversy, in an attempt to resolve the issue in my mind once and for all.

Oh really?

What makes you think resolving such an issue "once and for all" is a good thing?
A true seeker-of-knowledge never "settles" any issue. Things just have a higher or lesser degree of confidence.

I drove to work today.
I have high confidence that my keys are in my pocket.
Is this issue "setteled once and for all"? Of course not. I could be mistaken. Maybe I dropped them and didn't know. Maybe a very sneaky thief robbed me and I don't know.

The point is... unless we have ALL the information, there never really is a valid position to consider "settled once and for all."
Just varying degrees of confidence.

Newtonian laws of motion were groundbreaking when discovered.
They described every and all movement. It was amazing.
However, if everyone considered the issue "settled once and for all" we never would have discovered the theories of Relativity, and how Newtonian motion is simply... incomplete.

Does this mean Relativity is also incomplete? Maybe. Maybe not. The point, again, is to never "hit a wall and just say you're done."

Evolution is a very good description of the facts we have for life.
But I would consider it poor thinking to label the facts as "resolved once and for all."
Perhaps one day we will find another layer that actually shows how our understanding of evolution is currently... incomplete.
Maybe not. But if we consider the matter finalized... how would we ever know?

Keep thinking!
Keep learning!
Keep moving forward!
Keep growing!

Remember the difference between being confident in an answer... and being absolute.

Tip of the century: Absolutes are for fools.

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