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Author Topic:   Disadvantageous Mutations: Figures
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11-17-2016 10:34 AM
Reply to: Message 13 by Pressie
11-17-2016 7:42 AM

First, I want to say that I do want to give Greg the benefit of the doubt and will continue to try to deal with him in good faith.

There is a dishonest creationist tactic in which a creationist will join a forum presenting himself as someone who is fair-minded and wants to objectively evaluate both sides of the argument. However, they avoid examining the creationist claims and instead concentrate on the "evolution model" (which bares only very superficial similarity to actual evolution). It doesn't take long for them to finally drop the pretense and they reveal themselves as yet another typical YEC trying to attack his "evolution" boogey man.

I'm sure that there's fundamentalist/creationist training materials out there that present this tactic (I had read a lot of such materials during my association with the "Jesus Freak" fundies circa 1970 and I continue to see them applied to this day). And certainly, the best way to get away with this dodge is to avoid participating in the discussion, which is what we've observed Greg doing.

Of course, we should expect the smarter and more honest creationists to reach a point where they start to question what they've been taught and try to seek the truth. It is unfortunate that this dishonest creationist trick should poison the well for them. Certainly, an honest seeker of the truth should be concentrating on examining the creationist position instead of asking the opposing side to defend the false position that the creationists have present as being the opposing position. At the very least, an honest seeker of the truth should be concerned with what the terminology actually means and what the science actually says.

As I said, I will continue to give Greg the benefit of the doubt here and continue to try to take him at face value. Even though I've been around this particular park far too many times already.

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