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Author Topic:   Atheism Cannot Rationally Explain Morals.
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02-04-2017 7:12 PM

Back Atchya.
Any human being who cannot determine and accept a basic secular human morality in their society is mentally sociopathic. For the less extreme of this condition there are surrogates ready for the deficient individual to adopt with a more-or-less rigorous training and enforcement regimen.
Unfortunately for humanity, religious inculcation in non-secular segments of societies is so prevalent that the religious morality-of-the-chosen-cult is often enforced through mental brutality seeking to replace the natural secular morality that would develop within most members of the society.
The danger is that, while all moralities are relative, natural secular moralities seldom turn evil except in the most extreme circumstances while religious moralities manifest evil with great regularity in human history. When these evils arise, in the secular moral society there is a natural base upon which the evil can be recognized and, depending on circumstance, corrected. In the religious morality-of-the-chosen-cult the religious morality is whatever the priests so determine as their religious justification/interpretation. The inculcated adherents no longer have any natural way to see or correct the religious-moral evil from within the religiously determined framework to which they are so rigorously forced to adhere.
When religious moralities turn evil, as they all eventually and periodically do, the only corrective mechanism available is a strong secular society steeped in natural secular morality.
As proof of this proposition I offer the same evidence as the OP.

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