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Author Topic:   Atheism Cannot Rationally Explain Morals.
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11-14-2018 6:55 AM
Reply to: Message 1005 by Aussie
11-13-2018 4:26 PM

Missing Messages
Aussie, I don't see any missing messages...what is it that you are seeing?
Perhaps if you clicked on the link that I provided to Pork&Cheese you would have pulled up ringos posts only...I was trying to highlight the exchange between ringo and dawn Bertot...

And while I'm here, I suppose I can make a post. *ponders a moment*... I happen to believe that Morality is realistically subjective and that anyone need not be able to explain morality as long as they understand it intrinsically...which I believe that all humans do.

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Chance as a real force is a myth. It has no basis in reality and no place in scientific inquiry. For science and philosophy to continue to advance in knowledge, chance must be demythologized once and for all. –RC Sproul
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