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Author Topic:   Gay Marriage as an attack on Christianity
Posts: 5398
From: Snyder, Texas, USA
Joined: 11-12-2002

Message 18 of 1484 (802106)
03-12-2017 9:06 AM
Reply to: Message 17 by Faith
03-12-2017 8:55 AM

Re: False equivalence
What?? Gay money took care of the fine?
Did you read that as you typed it??
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 Message 17 by Faith, posted 03-12-2017 8:55 AM Faith has not yet responded

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Posts: 5398
From: Snyder, Texas, USA
Joined: 11-12-2002

Message 1428 of 1484 (855556)
06-20-2019 1:29 PM
Reply to: Message 1426 by Taq
06-20-2019 1:13 PM

Re: SCOTUS refuses to hear about "gay wedding cakes"
The 1950’s and Loving v. Virginia come to mind, too. Interracial marriage was absolutely the Devil’s Work for lots of Southern Christians back then (and still, to a bigger extent that you might think) but it gets a pass from even the Southern Baptists these days.
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 Message 1426 by Taq, posted 06-20-2019 1:13 PM Taq has not yet responded

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