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Author Topic:   Gay Marriage as an attack on Christianity
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04-04-2017 6:30 PM
Reply to: Message 929 by Faith
04-04-2017 3:48 PM

Re: Your Roman Empire Council "church" Faith?
Hi Faith,

I hate to get involved in a thread of this nature but after reading a few posts I feel I must express my opinion on the matter.

Faith writes:

You could say your piece a lot more simply I think: you're in favor of secular government with no religious influence, as so many others here are; you are in favor of gay marriage, as so many others here are. I'm opposed to gay marriage because of what the Bible says about marriage and about homosexuality and there really doesn't need to be any of this pseudohistorical carrying on that you are doing to explain it.

But they all believe in a Government that does have a religious influence.

There is not a person here that supports abortion or gay rights that does not believe in the Government dictating religious beliefs.

When the Government starts dictating religious beliefs that I must obey with penalty of law, the Government has violated my freedom of religion, as it is dictating Church doctrine.

When the Government dictates Church doctrine it has established a religion.

God Bless,

"John 5:39 (KJS) Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me."

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