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Author Topic:   Gay Marriage as an attack on Christianity
Dawn Bertot
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Message 970 of 1484 (804016)
04-06-2017 1:20 PM
Reply to: Message 965 by Dredge
04-06-2017 6:00 AM

Re: ICANTs concept of establishing a religion
Dredge writes

I think it can be argued that abortion is murder without resorting to religion: If your mother aborted you while you were in the womb, would you be alive today?  No, you wouldn't, so abortion is clearly the termination of a human life.  Therefore, to terminate a foetus is to terminate a human life.  The premeditated and cold-blooded termination of an (innocent) human life is murder, isn't it.

Remember Dredge, these fellas and gals make up morality as they go along. What is wrong today might be right tomorrow. As a matter of fact, thier doctrine of survival of the fittest and natural selection demands that it could not be otherwise. Logically and rationally they have no other recourse

It seems they are not even smart enough to recognize, that while they actually acknowledge that actual RIGHT and WRONG cannot and does not actually exist, in thier naturalistic enviornment, they are still willing to speak of subjective morality. This alone should shock even the simplest of minds, as irrational and absurd. Yet they proceed onward as if this presents no problem logically and rationally

Ignorance is bliss, so to speak

So hoping as you are and trying to get them to see that abortion is actually murder, would be like trying to convince someone that the holocaust actually happened, when they firmly believe it did not

They deal in simplicity of the mind and wilful ignorance. It keeps them happy and let's them do whatever they imagine. You will never convince these fellas and gals they are wrong but you can show the people that are reading along, they are actually wrong, if you keep things basic and completely logical. This is where they fall apart, nearly ever time

Dawn Bertot

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