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Author Topic:   Can you disprove this secular argument against evolution?
Sarah Bellum
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05-26-2019 10:52 PM
Reply to: Message 289 by forexhr
04-24-2017 12:16 PM

This all boils down to, "You don't know the mechanism by which self-replicating molecules developed out of nonliving chemicals, so therefore it didn't happen. And therefore life must have developed through a miracle."

Kind of like a scientist in 1800 saying, "We don't know what mechanism powers the Sun. It's been shining much longer than would be possible with any known process of combustion, so it must be powered by miracles." This, of course, is a gargantuan fallacy, and no scientist would have proposed it.

Not only that, but what you're proposing is pretty far from the Adam and Eve created in the Garden story, isn't it? I mean, a miracle to create some extremely primitive life form, then it just evolved from there?

Or do you think that there were lots of other miracles, new forms created year by year out of thin air for billions of years until the present?

Careful not to get cut on that Occam's Razor there.

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