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Author Topic:   The TRVE history of the Flood...
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04-06-2017 3:17 PM
Reply to: Message 24 by Davidjay
04-06-2017 10:34 AM

Re: No way the strata represent great eras of time
But lets get at the exact year of the Flood and the numerous and multiple ways a true scientist and researcher can find out when it happened. No billions or trillions of years, and new estimates and new projections and guesses like with your folks, just simple math, simple measurements, obvious connections with historical landmarks etc etc.

Excellent! I've been looking forward to discovering what your 'exact maths' involved ever since you started blethering about it.

But first HERE are the basic articles from my research


...and then you don't show us any maths. You just tell us to look at your website.

Worse, you don't even link to a page with maths on it. The only number on that page is a Bible chapter reference.

I clicked on a couple of links but the closest I found to maths was arithmetic - the adding of generation lengths in Genesis. I was hoping for something more interesting but don't intend to click on every article to find where this maths is hiding. Let's see where you direct us.


There's an obscure (unconscious) reference to medieval Islamic myths about the Great Pyramid; then the (probably false) claim that the pasageway to the King's Chamber is 6007 inches long. Therefore, the length of the passageway is equal to the length of history!... if you use a unit defined in 1930.... and if it's 2004.

Again confirming the Biblical exact year of 2348 BC

Neither that year nor the flood are mentioned in the page linked to. I can only handle so much disappointment in one evening, so I'm not clicking aimlessly through the linked articles to find where this is supposed to be demonstrated.

If this is the 'exact maths' you prefer to statistics, then I am distinctly unimpressed.

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Posts: 1800
From: Prague, Czech Republic
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04-07-2017 1:53 PM
Reply to: Message 71 by herebedragons
04-07-2017 11:29 AM

Re: Re:Step 2 Corelating 1656 Years to Time Units
I figure there is 52 weeks in a year times 1656 years equals 1656 x 52 = 86,112 not 86,400.

Also elsewhere you claim the correct number of years from creation to the flood is 1646 years, so this would be 85,592 weeks, not 86,400.

There aren't exactly 52 weeks in a year, though, as 365 is not a multiple of 7. Counting the number of days in 1,656 years (taking into account leap years) gives you 86,407 weeks plus a few extra days.

We see here how the errors introduced by rounding add up, which is the problem with trying to obtain an exact date by adding generations in the Bible. When we say that something lasted 130 years we don't mean that to be true to the second; this is rounded to a whole year. Adding up dozens of generations can compound these rounded errors - hence the seven year range pointed out by PaulK.

All in all this is big disappointment though. I wasn't expecting a good argument; but I wasn't expecting the requirement that we accept the literal truth of Genesis to be step one.

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