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Author Topic:   The TRVE history of the Flood...
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04-19-2017 5:34 PM
Reply to: Message 263 by Dr Adequate
04-19-2017 1:34 AM

Re: On "opinions"
No it should not. I could write such a document myself. I could put in lots of real kings and battles and dates, and also a bit about how the world was vomited up 10000 years ago by a mutant space goat. And the true bits wouldn't verify the made-up bit.

Or I could simply compile together everything that some nation other than the Jews (let's say the ancient Greeks) wrote about their history and the history of the world. I could bind all that stuff together into one book and call it the Biblos. And none of the verifiable bits that turned out to be good history would add one shred of confirmation to the myth of Prometheus.

The fact that King Hygelac's raid into Frisia, described in Beowulf, is a historical event of the early 6th century doesn't mean that the monster Grendel and his mother actually existed.

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