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Author Topic:   Evolution is a racist doctrine
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04-26-2017 5:20 AM
Reply to: Message 139 by Davidjay
04-26-2017 1:31 AM

I repeat this topic is about how evolution is a racist doctrine because it states that a species branches out into other branches and species.

Nah, you're ignoring the real culprit here - physics !

By allowing visible light to be constituted by different wavelengths, we can perceive something off which light bounces - skin, say - as having different colours.

Racism is all down to physics !

Could there be any greater conceit, than for someone to believe that the universe has to be simple enough for them to be able to understand it ?

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 Message 139 by Davidjay, posted 04-26-2017 1:31 AM Davidjay has not yet responded

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