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Author Topic:   Encouragement From A Believers Perspective
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05-09-2017 12:38 AM

I think most fundamentalists have read a similar devotional.
There seems to be an obsession with conquering "fear " among almost every fundi I have ever talked to.

I used to suggest that I don't think the world is fearful enough of various things ( especially death ) and that more fear would be a good thing if it moderated radical and dangerous behavior.

I still find myself in similar conversations.

This is a popular topic, I must admit.

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 Message 5 by Phat, posted 05-09-2017 2:23 AM LamarkNewAge has not yet responded

Posts: 1717
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05-09-2017 1:01 AM

I wonder if this NYT article is on topic.
The World's Borough of Queens has been gripped with severe fear ( and, trust me, if you don't live here - it is SEVERE) over the Trump immigration raids.

The million plus Queens immigration population is terrified and good Christians and Jews ( around the nation ) have been declaring themselves and their houses of worship a "sanctuary congregation " which will use their physical sanctuary to protect immigrants from raids.

No Muslim mosque has been brave enough to join the movement. They fear becoming targets of hate crimes and accused of endless other things if they join the movement to provide protection to immigrants.

But the first ever sanctuary congregation that wasn't Jewish or Christian finally emerged!

It was a very brave Hindu Temple.

See May 8 New York Times article Hindu Temple in Queens Joins Sanctuary Movement by Sharon Otterman.

All the dozens of other 100 plus Hindu, Buddhist, and Muslim houses of worship are still too terrified to join the movement, but the historic and courageous stand taken by Shaanti Bhavan Mandir makes for the first non Jewish, non Christian body of faithful to take a stand against the evil horrors the innocent must face.

The climate here in Queens is one of constant fear, but it has been the most spiritual atmosphere I have ever been in to see the community and vast body of elected officials come together in solidarity with each other in this battle of good over evil.

You can literally feel the fear in the air and it is fundamentally spiritual.

I ask for your prayer Phat.

The people of Queens need it.

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