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Author Topic:   Can mutation and selection increase information?
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05-17-2017 7:11 PM

The answer to this question is NO, no as in NO.
No recombination ever created a new species or organism or organ or system. NO beneficial mutation has ever taken place, so the evolutionists god of Slection never took place. This because beneficial mutations are a lie, a huge con !
Its totally bogus and false and a scientific lie fostered on the unknowing.
Misreads or cancers never help any species or individual. No extra leg ever helped anyone to walk better. The original design of the DESIGNER remains the ultimate, and no new models are evolving.
Mystery solved....
Nothing to see HERE folks.

Evolutyionists are used to forcing their theory on students and scientists. They are not used to answering any questions on this theory, because it is their religion. And as a religion it must be accepted by faith.... It is not science and it is not logical or rational and has no facts behind it. Evolution is a con and a LIE. A big one, but because it is forced on the gullible and on students, they must accept it. This their modus operandi...and so when faced with sane biological opposition, they can only be subjective rather than objective.

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