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Author Topic:   A Creationist Sues the Grand Canyon for Religious Discrimination
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05-20-2017 1:03 AM
Reply to: Message 93 by Dredge
05-19-2017 8:43 PM

Re: Leonardo inadvertently proves the Flood
Plus the miraculous power of God to control the forces of nature are never considered.
That's because, by definition, supernatural magic is not science - it's supernatural, which means outside of the natural order and the standard rules of the universe - hence outside of science.
If God exists, and wields the power to will into existence any particular state of affairs, you'd need to persuade him or her to pop themselves down to a lab and get tested to work out how they made their miracles happen, for it to be science.
I'm very happy for anyone to believe anything they want (as long as they don't act on that belief to harm someone) - but they don't get to call what they believe science, until they can observe, theorise, predict, test and evidence their belief using the scientific method.

Could there be any greater conceit, than for someone to believe that the universe has to be simple enough for them to be able to understand it ?

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