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Author Topic:   Does the history of life require "macroevolution"?
New Cat's Eye
Inactive Member

Message 24 of 127 (812054)
06-14-2017 1:54 PM
Reply to: Message 20 by Faith
06-14-2017 12:39 PM


I don't believe you. In fact, I know that isn't true.

What humans did to dogs is not what nature does to the other species.


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 Message 20 by Faith, posted 06-14-2017 12:39 PM Faith has not yet responded

New Cat's Eye
Inactive Member

Message 41 of 127 (812192)
06-15-2017 11:24 AM
Reply to: Message 37 by Faith
06-15-2017 4:33 AM

Re: Evolution Defeats Evolution Argument
I've argued this many times before on my own threads and others' threads. I try to repeat the argument when necessary but it gets frustrating when nobody remembers my former versions and I have to start all over, and I'm running out of steam.


Evolution Requires Reduction in Genetic Diversity

From my last post in that thread, Message 818:

Oh well, you don't get it and that's that.

Oh, no, I get it. It's as plain as day, Faith.

You're trying to come up with a way to square your religious beliefs in creationism with the overwhelming evidence for evolution.

You've been stripped down to accepting that the processes behind evolution actually do occur, but you've had to invent this nonsense about "only reducing genetic diversity" in order to save your religious beliefs.

You have literally zero evidence for it other than your wishful thinking.

Your entire position is a just a giant deduction - from the minimum amount of evolution that you have to accept because it is undeniable - coupled with your relentless efforts to absolutely refuse to give up your per-conceived religious beliefs in creationism.

This has lead you to the inescapable place of evolution only being able to reduce genetic diversity.

There's no reason to think it other than you have to.

Obviously you have no interest in even trying to get it.

I get it. I really do.

Its just painfully and terribly incorrect and wrong.

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 Message 37 by Faith, posted 06-15-2017 4:33 AM Faith has not yet responded

New Cat's Eye
Inactive Member

Message 126 of 127 (815439)
07-20-2017 8:56 AM
Reply to: Message 124 by CRR
07-19-2017 6:53 PM

Re: 6,000 years?
t is overwhelmingly obvious that Genesis was meant to be taken in a straightforward, obvious sense as an authentic, literal, historical record of what actually happened.

Oh, bullshit.

It's an obvious fairy tale - I mean, the talking snake should be a huge clue!

You do know that snakes don't talk, right?

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 Message 124 by CRR, posted 07-19-2017 6:53 PM CRR has not yet responded

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