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Author Topic:   Does the history of life require "macroevolution"?
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07-16-2017 8:27 PM
Reply to: Message 89 by Faith
07-16-2017 8:00 PM

Re: Simple Example -- any new mutation is outside the kind?
Faith writes:

JonF writes:

That would be she, not he. In her seventies and consumed by hate and rage. Brown people, immigrants, Roman Catholics, homosexuals, liberals, mainstream anything, and probably others. All of them, in her words, "deserve to be hated".

That is way way out of line. The Left has no ability to tell the difference between ideas and people.

So, not as politically correct as you would like huh? Too bad, Snowflake.

Faith writes:

I think you need to be reported for this.

Sounds like political correctness run amuck to me.

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What if Eleanor Roosevelt had wings? -- Monty Python

One important characteristic of a theory is that is has survived repeated attempts to falsify it. Contrary to your understanding, all available evidence confirms it. --Subbie

If evolution is shown to be false, it will be at the hands of things that are true, not made up. --percy

The reason that we have the scientific method is because common sense isn't reliable. -- Taq

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