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Author Topic:   Evidence of the flood
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09-15-2017 6:01 PM
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09-14-2017 7:22 PM

Re: A charming fat fish proves radiometic dating is false cuz the varves aren't annual
In that case, where are the huge sandstone deposits of the Colorado Plateau in Great Britain? Where are the coal seams in the Superior Province?
Sorry, not even remotely.

There are about 2500 metres of Triassic New Red Sandstone in Cheshire, and >2700 metres of probable Permo-Triassic in south-east Devon. There are about 2000-3900 metres of Namurian-age Millstone Grit in the Pennines. Finally, there are 7-13 km of Devonian Old Red Sandstone in the Shetland Islands, and in the Scottish Midland Valley. I don't know whether these rocks are the same age as the sandstone deposits of the Colorado Plateau.

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