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Author Topic:   "The Flood" deposits as a sea transgressive/regressive sequence ("Walther's Law")
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09-29-2017 5:45 PM
Reply to: Message 156 by Faith
09-29-2017 1:37 AM

So let's do just one issue:
Faith writes:

I'll never get to the posts here, and it's still true that I don't feel like even acknowledging the existence of some of the posters, but if one argument out of all the different posts could be isolated I could deal with that a lot better than the pile-on here.

What is the flood model, method, mechanism, process or procedure to deposit millions of alternating layers of fine silt covered by coarser silt?

Faith you have been offered opportunities to explain how your flud can do what is seen in reality but you have never provided the model, method, mechanism, process or procedure that satisfactorily explains ANYTHING seen in reality.

Maybe this time you will make an honest effort. I'm sure it could be spun off into a Great Debate and you can even have veto power over who should present the reality based argument.

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 Message 156 by Faith, posted 09-29-2017 1:37 AM Faith has taken no action

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