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Author Topic:   In Memoriam: Asgara
mike the wiz
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10-13-2018 7:40 AM

VERY SELDOM do I come to EvC forum now, so for some reason I didn't know about Asgara dying even when I last came here as it was a fleeting visit. So I guess I am the latest to know. My 4,600 posts obviously since 2003 is roughly less than one post a day if I were to post every day. As a prolific writer the count would have been about 20,000 had I stayed but basically I am not here, and haven't been properly here since about 2009 I would guess.

Very few people will know this but in my twenties (and between 2003 to approximately 2006), Asgara was my friend online a little bit, and she entertained some of my eccentric madness at "Asgara world" but she knew it was all play as I was pRETENDING to have declined into a madness which made me write similarly to Brad McFall. (remember that guy)

So she stood out because she "understood" me, and understood my mischief, and I noticed she always found me online, whether it be my email somehow, or on utube, and she would follow me. She would say to me, "shine on crazy diamond" in quoting a pink Floyd song.

So today I logged on to EvC forum and I just thought, "I'll click on her name, I wonder if she still hangs round EvC" and then I found her last post was message one in this thread, which of course, wasn't her posting.

I got a shock, I admit. There's nothing as sad as death in some ways, at least from the perspective of a temporal agent because obviously you never see the person or hear them again for the rest of your life. metaphorically that represents them being "gone forever" in our finite minds, I suppose. And to those who do believe in annihilation, all the sadder in some ways I guess.

Asgara wasn't ideological in a way. I remember she acknowledge the logical consequences of moral relativism, I won't get into that but she wasn't so ideological in her beliefs that she had lost all touch with the, "theist" side so to speak even though agnostics generally don't differ much from atheists, but she definitely didn't have the "bite" you get from the anti-theists, she was NICE even to creationists. She was NICE to me. She acknowledged that I was also human, despite being a creationist.

I don't get that from many evolutionists online so she stood out. She and RAZD were always pretty nice to me.

But what you should get most from my post is that this thought hit me, I said it to myself. "michael.....Asgara is dead. Actually dead." and in that moment I couldn't believe it.

I guess that's also because this thread was so unexpected, as when I clicked on her name I thought that was the last post she had made, but as an alive person.

Asgara, wherever you are, if you are....you will understand my final mischief in this gender bending climate we now live in; "Bless you Sir."

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