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Author Topic:   Gun Control III
Trump won 
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08-10-2019 9:24 PM

the pro-gun people have compelling arguments. i'm just sick of cowards killing people so easily. take the guns away. we don't deserve them.

Trump won 
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Joined: 01-12-2004

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08-28-2019 11:23 PM

we live in an era where thoughts and prayers mean nothing

but if these people were taught to cup their hands instead of jiggling triggers, we wouldn't be in this crisis.

none of these shooters know Christ.

yet we blame prozac and video games and mental illness.

why aren't all mentally ill people killing others?

the animus in our souls to harm others is destroyed in the Love of Christ.

we can't say these shooters needed Christ. too un-PC.

but in this unbelieving generation i will scream it from the rooftop.

we are more than a collection of molecules that biological evolution says you are.

we are God breathed. and if we believed that, no one would be jiggling triggers.

Christ is in the midst of every chaos and every crisis, and to mock the people who call out to the Son in lieu of tragedy, you are a despicable miscreant.

maybe you really are descended from a common ancestor that looks more or less like an ape. if you want to descend to condescension when people are trying to pray.

where did prayer come from if God is not real? uncreated, then why do we feign to a Creator, every human culture that exists worships something.

mine's the Son of God. with his Blessed Mother, all the angels and saints and martyrs, and, well, let me catch my god breathed breath.

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