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Author Topic:   Gun Control III
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02-23-2018 5:20 PM

New age limits for gun purchase(s)
The one change in gun laws that everyone seems to agree on is to set the minimum age to purchase a gun at 21 years old, including the much beloved NRA. Since the Parkland Florida shooter, who killed 17 people is only 19 years old, he would not have been able to purchase his guns (legally). However, Stephen Paddock, the Las Vegas, Nevada shooter who killed 58 people and wounded 851 others was 64 years old, so it’s obvious that the law should set the youngest age to purchase a gun at 66 years old. I’m guessing that this would still allow Faith to purchase all the guns her heart desires.

Perhaps some day a 93 year old will hobble into an old folks home brandishing a muzzle load musket and blast away a few residents. Then the politicians can set the minimum age at 95.

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Posts: 578
Joined: 07-20-2006

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02-27-2018 8:15 PM

Trump to the rescue
At a recent meeting of conservatives (CPAC) President Donald Trump said that had he been at the Parkdale high school when the shooting took place, he would have run into the school and confronted the shooter, even if he (Trump) was unarmed. I wish Trump had been at the school at that time and had run in unarmed and confronted the shooter. No, I’m not wishing our president any harm. I believe that Trump would have confronted the shooter and would have defused the situation and gotten the shooter to give up his gun and surrender. Why? Simply because our president is the world’s (and history’s) greatest negotiator.

I am surprised that the president hasn’t proposed the one obvious and effective solution to the school safety problem: that he reopen Trump University with campuses in every school district to teach all school staff his exquisite negotiating skills and thus end school gun violence forever. Those same negotiating skills that he used to end Obamacare while providing quality affordable health insurance to all Americans, get Mexico to pay for a border wall, end armed conflict in the Middle East, get North Korea to give up their nuclear program, and enact a tax/budget plan that gives equitable tax breaks to all citizens while balancing the budget could then be applied to making our schools safe for all. These same skills could be taught to hotel doormen and bellhops to be used on patrons with excessively heavy duffel bags or violin cases to prevent Las Vegas type attacks, and to all clergy to prevent church shooting.

I feel safer knowing that our president has the talents we need to make America secure again.

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