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Author Topic:   Evolving a Nervous System
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01-18-2018 9:43 AM
Reply to: Message 1 by danlovy
01-18-2018 7:50 AM

Hi Dan,

I have to leave soon to run some errands and so will only get partway through your first video, but I'm intrigued and have the skills you mentioned, namely I'm a c/C++ programmer with detailed knowledge of Javascript, HTML, CSS, MySQL, PHP and Perl. I also know Swift (Apple's app language, see my RideGuru app at the Apple App store) and have toyed a tiny amount with Android. I'm webmaster, software developer and server administrator for this website.

I at first assumed you were a college student, but the sophistication of what you were presenting (as well as the quality of the presentation itself) was beyond that, so I sought out your LinkedIn profile and now it makes more sense, but I haven't watched enough yet to understand why you're doing this, since there's already so much active research into neural nets and genetic algorithms.

How much help do you need? How much posting around on discussion boards are you doing? What tools are you using for online teamwork?

Gotta go.


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