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Author Topic:   Believe in UFOs? This editorial's for you!
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03-10-2018 7:54 AM

Today's Washington Post has run an editorial saying that UFOs deserve serious investigation: The military keeps encountering UFOs. Why doesn’t the Pentagon care?

As a child of the 60's UFO reports just roll off me (same for alien abductions), but the author claims corroborating reports by pilots and radar operators of aircraft far beyond the abilities of our own aircraft, such as having no visible means of propulsion and being far faster and more maneuverable.

To establish my skeptic bonafides, once on an incoming night flight to Logan I observed out the window below our plane an amazing formation of huge UFOs with rotating patterns of lights. It was a marvelous sight for a while until it became clear I was seeing neighborhood lights below circular breaks in the clouds. Changing perspective as the plane flew past the breaks in a broad arc caused the apparent light show. Never at any time did I believe I was seeing real UFOs, though it was an astonishing display just the same.

Before there was such a thing as planes people saw angels. After planes were a thing then reports of angels declined and reports of UFOs increased, finally booming with the beginning of the space race. People will always see strange inexplicable things that they interpret in terms of something familiar. I can't explain visual sightings confirmed by radar, but of this I'm sure: there are no alien spacecraft, and no country on Earth has achieved a major breakthrough in flight technology of this nature.

Anyone care to predict who might pipe up in this thread supporting UFOs?


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