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Author Topic:   Oracle Wins Ruling Against Google Over Java APIs
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03-20-2019 8:01 AM
Reply to: Message 53 by PaulK
03-14-2019 3:43 PM

Re: Oracle Further Monetizing Java
Responding to this technical issue:

PaulK writes:

If quoting everything is required then I suggest that you reenable the quote function. Personally I am happy to go back to the previous message to see the context.

Adminnemooseus disabled the "reply w/quote" function. His reasoning seemed sound to me. As much as I would like its return, Adminnemooseus was correct that it was abused by most. Too many would mindlessly click on "reply w/quote", thereby incorporating the entire message being replied to in their own message, and would never delete the irrelevant or extraneous portions. I suggest you make your appeal to Adminnemooseus.

But there's an adequate alternative, simply copy-n-pasting from the message you're replying to (appears just below the message box) in either "normal " or "peek mode". You appear to already be doing this, and all the context you require is usually already present.

EvC Forum Director

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 Message 53 by PaulK, posted 03-14-2019 3:43 PM PaulK has not yet responded

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