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Author Topic:   The spectacular fall of YEC beliefs
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Message 188 of 198 (838776)
08-27-2018 4:16 PM
Reply to: Message 186 by Dredge
08-26-2018 7:15 AM

Dredge writes:

The obvious gaps in the fossils record are consistent with the Christian theory of a progressive creation.

How did you determine that these are real gaps instead of fossils we just haven't found yet? In the last 20 years a lot of gaps in the fossil record have been filled in.

Humans didn't evolve from monkey-men (aka mankeys), for example - humans were a separate and distinct creation, formed from dust, as Genesis 2:7 states. None of the created kinds evolve beyond their original kind, although microevolution obvioulsy occurs within each kind.

For someone who talks about fossils being evidence I am surprised you would say this. There a lot of fossils that fill the gap between humans and other apes:

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Posts: 8523
Joined: 03-06-2009

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08-30-2018 3:57 PM
Reply to: Message 190 by Dredge
08-28-2018 2:24 AM

Dredge writes:

Sadly, you are mistaking wishful thinking for evidence. This is a very common fault (read: delusion) amongst evolutionists.

What wishful thinking? It is a fact that those fossil species have a mixture of human and ape features, no wishing needed.

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