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Author Topic:   The spectacular fall of YEC beliefs
mike the wiz
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05-26-2018 7:46 AM
Reply to: Message 1 by Modulous
05-13-2018 5:55 PM

Well, like with all statistical arguments it depends where the focus is doesn't it Modulous?

It seems to me you are basically representing creationism as, "YEC", but it seems you allude to the fact you would included IDists as creationists, and so it is reasonable that creationism as a whole, according to evolutionists, is YEC/OEC/ID.

(You can't have your cake as an ornament, and also eat it.)

So then the real question is, "what do the statistics mean?" For example you said educating people tends to lead to less YECs according to the statistics. I would ask, "what is the significance of that?"

For example as you have already noted, they won't allow any kind of creationism in schools, so they are only teaching evolution. So it seems to me the statistics could just as easily support the notion that it is easy to brainwash students by only telling them one side of a story. Confronted by all of that, "science" what can most young brains do other than to say, "wow it must be true", if they are not exposed to a critical analysis of all of those evolutionary views?

I think it's almost tautologous that as a society rejects Christianity and creation more and more that it will lead to less and less Christianity and creation within that society.

Big deal, that doesn't affect my faith as an individual, and it isn't going to make me believe 200 identical genes for echolocation in bats and whales, could come about separately, or that eyes can create and design themselves independently, or that abiogenesised blobs can later give rise to Elvis Presley and Diana Ross.

So these are the generalities. Sure you can claim a, "victory" when you have 15 tanks, 200 rifles and 400 explosives and I only have a bow and arrow. But really you are arguing your victory, your win, as something pertaining to society, obtusely forgetting that our society is not worldly. Numbers aren't our goal and the true victory is already won on the cross.

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