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Author Topic:   Top 10 Country Populations
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08-07-2018 5:34 PM
Reply to: Message 27 by LamarkNewAge
08-07-2018 12:14 PM

Re: Tolerance and the Hindu-Buddhist foundation of the nation India.
Someone would have had to have been ignoring the news in the last couple of decades to not be aware of the Hindu-on-Muslim violence in India. The anti-Muslim riots in Gujarat a decade and a half ago was a major news story, and the news constantly has stories of Hindu-on-Muslim riots and lynchings.

Currently, "cow vigilantism" is a big thing in India, where a non-Hindu, usually a Muslim, is accused of slaughtering a cow and lynched.

Christans have also been victims of Hindu extremist violence, as Faith has mentioned.


And of course much of the terrorism in Sri Lanka is due to Buddhist extremists, and in Chinese history Buddhist and Taoists were guilty of violence against each other. And let's not forget the warrior samurai caste of Japan was predominantly Buddhist; shinto was considered the religion of the peasants. (This was, ironically, turned around in the historical mythology promoted by the Showa era militarists).


Every religion has the seeds (and a history) of violent intolerance. Every religion has the seeds (and a history) of peaceful coexistence. Whether any religion is "peaceful" or "violent" has more to do with the socio-economics of a particular region than it does of a broad and diverse religion. That is why every group should be judged on its particular teachings, not on the religious label put on it. Every person should be judge on their particular actions, not on the religious label it chooses.

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