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Author Topic:   Is The World Getting Better Or Worse?
mike the wiz
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11-06-2019 8:00 AM
Reply to: Message 1 by Phat
08-19-2018 4:05 PM

Phatsy writes:

This deserves a thread of its own. Tangle would likely argue that the world is getting better. Faith (and I) would argue that the world is getting worse or at best still mired in the violent brutish thug phase that Percy mentions.

I think it's fairly obvious that progressionists will say the world is getting better because of their implemented leftist rights. Obviously as Christians we feel it is getting, "worse".

The problem is the question is subjective if you ask it of everyone, because a Christian won't think STDS and the progression into all sorts of sexual deviance is "better" but from the viewpoint of an unbelieving evolutionist leftists, it's an improvement.

The only comment I have on the issue is that it's complicated even though the question is simple. That's because if the world is getting better, that may not even have anything to do with political views it may simply SEEM LIKE there is an "enlightenment" coming from an unbelieving philosophy.

In reality before any "enlightenment" there were millions of people doing bad things in the name of God, things Jesus would never do, because they didn't really have the love of God.

There may be some things both worldviews can agree on.

I think one factor is how rights are implemented. In a society of fewer numbers (small populations of the past), governing people and making people accountable was not as possible as it is now. Laws and rules were not ubiquitous. This will naturally, "better" any system, because disorder isn't a better way to created order, than order is.

It's a heck of a complicated topic, I can't be bothered writing any more this week. But what I will say is that there are lots of things which are not good or better like abortion, but the law and the unbelieving mind may DEEM IT, "better". But is it really "better" than something like an abortion-free, sin-free environment like an Amish village.

(I don't claim Amish are sin free people nor that they are all genuinely in Christ, I just use them as a fairly useful analogy generally speaking. Showing specific examples of a crime that happened in such a community or some bad thing, won't therefore prove anything other than that you have committed a type of generalisation fallacy. My claim is not the strawman you want it to be, I am not saying they are perfect, but generally where a Christian philosophy is followed, and the bible's principles truly practices as they seem to be with the Amish, obviously it follows you end up with a better system.)

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