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Author Topic:   The Right Side of the News
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02-07-2019 9:35 AM
Reply to: Message 1029 by JonF
02-06-2019 6:43 PM

Re: House Intelligence Committee to Investigate Trump Finances and Russia
As a Virginian, it is pretty embarrassing when national pundits and comics are comparing my state to Florida for buffoonery.

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10-15-2019 1:54 PM
Reply to: Message 2981 by Faith
10-14-2019 7:59 PM

Re: "Trump's Horrid Video?"
Why would you say that? Multiple people who were there confirmed the contents of the video. Organizers of the conference confirmed that the video was shown. The whitehouse has confirmed the contents of the video and Trump's spokesman has denounced the video. Nobody is saying the republican party put together the video, or that the Trump campaign put together the video or that Trump had anything to do with the video. But the truth is, that at a conference for Trump supporters, somebody thought it appropriate to show a video of Trump shooting up a church where the victims were prominent newspeople, democrats and other critics of the president.

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