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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   The Right Side of the News
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From: Brizzle
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06-10-2019 7:42 AM

Tariffs and willful ignorance
I Looked up willful ignorance in an encyclopedia, it gave me a summary of this conversation:
JonF writes:
There are now reports that the deal "consists largely of actions that Mexico had already promised to take in prior discussions with the United States over the past several months."
Faith writes:
I heard yesterday about Mexico stopping caravans at their southern border because of Trump's threat of a tariff
Theodoric writes:
This was all agreed to months ago
Faith writes:
Looks to me llke he knew what he was doing and that Mexico would stop the flood of illegal immigrants because of the threat of the tariff
Dr Jones* writes:
but these agreements were made months ago, before the threat of the tariffs.
Faith writes:
Whatever, who cares. If it took tariffs, fine with me.
Theodoric writes:
The agreements happened before the tariff threats.
Dr Jones* writes:
the agreements happened before the threat
Faith writes:
It was the tariffs that did it apparently
breathtaking... just breathtaking...
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