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Author Topic:   Life, survival, reproduction
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12-07-2018 1:35 PM
Reply to: Message 4 by Tangle
12-06-2018 2:02 PM

Tangle writes:

RAZD writes:

I'd say there are two

I'd say there was one; survive long enough to reproduce.

Ha ha... I also thought there was only one, but I went the other way:

I thought that reproduction wasn't so much a goal, but a tool used by life/species to achieve the goal of survival!

But, really, I agree with AZPaul3:

AZPaul3 writes:

No purpose. No goal. Just the mindless propensity of chemicals to obey the one true god of the Universe – Physics.

I don't really see a "goal" to life any more than I see a "purpose."

And even if one did exist, I wouldn't give 2 shits about following it... since I'm perfectly capable of thinking up a better one anyway.
I imagine 7 better goals before breakfast!

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 Message 4 by Tangle, posted 12-06-2018 2:02 PM Tangle has not yet responded

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