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Author Topic:   Discussion With A Conservative Pastor: I CANT & Phat Only..for now
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06-19-2020 5:58 PM
Reply to: Message 48 by ICANT
06-16-2020 2:51 PM

“And still it moves.”
I would like to ask you why you can't believe that the sun stood still at God's command?
Barrow Alaska has 2 months out of the year where there is light. That is due to the tilt of the earth in relation to the sun.

Barrow also has two months of darkness. But, the sun does NOT appear to stand still! It skims along just above (summer) or just below (winter) the horizon! The only way that the sun would appear to stand still would occur if the earth’s rotational axis were pointed directly at the sun and you were standing exactly on the axis. But, of course, that is just how the sun appears due to the rotation of the earth. The sun does orbit around the galactic center so maybe that is the motion god brought to a halt for some reason. Or, if he wanted to provide a period of prolonged light he would just stop the earth’s rotation, which would have caused no ill effects since god did not create momentum until April 16, 512CE. (as long as we’re just inventing nonsense.)

The real question is ‘why did god want to crush and enslave the Amorites?’. Weren’t they also gods children, descendants of Adam and Eve?

this thread is private. please direct all comments to the peanut gallery thread.

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