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Author Topic:   Peanut Gallery Comments on Great Debate
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06-16-2021 2:48 AM

Pastor just said that Jesus claimed to be God.
When a comment like that is casually thrown out, I think we know we are going to see a lack of integrity with scripture in the discussion. This gripe, of my own, is not to complain about the discussion, but it is just to make sure that we see that the context is squarely within the notions of a modern (or "post modern") 21st century church-goer perspective.

Posts: 1970
Joined: 12-22-2015
Member Rating: 1.3

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06-20-2021 12:31 PM
Reply to: Message 196 by Percy
06-19-2021 2:18 PM

Irwin Schiff went back to prison?
He was out in 1996. I remember when he ran for the Libertarian presidential nomination (He lost to Harry Browne).

He ran on releasing the entire U.S. prison population and, of course, the tax issue.

I need to look this up. He died behind bars. I feel that he did not deserve it, honestly.

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