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Author Topic:   Being offended.
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12-17-2018 5:05 PM
Reply to: Message 58 by Faith
12-17-2018 4:06 PM

Re: Respectful Offense
Yes I gathered you've been stupidly supporting possible terrorists. Jesus does not teach us to expose our neighbors to terrorists. You are a complete idiot and you are not a follower of Jesus Christ who would never countenance such a wacked out idea of His love as yours. So are you like those crazy "Christians" who turned a church into a mosque out of a misguided idea of Jesus" love? It's really hatred. It's evil.
And yes the US has done a great deal for the suffering of the world. So far we've done it fairly sanely in order to preserve the means that make such help possible. Your methods would destroy those means. You are a blithering idiot GDR and you are NOT a follower of Jesus Christ. As for government corruptions it's been getting bad because of the Left and your crazy misreading of Jesus is a Leftist style insanity that will only add to the corruptions. I consider you an opponent of everything good in this world, Jesus' love above all.

I have read GDR's post and your response over and over trying to make some sense of the strength of your response. I even went back a bit to see if you two had some history and saw that GDR is a pretty calm and reasonable poster, and has some interesting perspectives on things. What I cannot find is any reason for you to be so mean and hateful to somebody saying that they, through their church, try to help people. Am I missing something here?

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