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Author Topic:   A Different Creation Model
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02-27-2019 11:27 AM
Reply to: Message 16 by GDR
02-26-2019 7:55 PM

Please explain further. I understand the 4% to be that which we are able to perceive by our 5 senses.

As others have noted (sort of) we don't sense anything like 4% of the universe with our 5 senses. It might be more like 0.00000000000000004% (actually probably a lot lower). Most of the "normal" matter of the universe is way, way to far away to "see". We can "see" maybe 3 galaxies of the 100's of billions that are there.

For all the rest we use instruments of many sorts.

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 Message 16 by GDR, posted 02-26-2019 7:55 PM GDR has not yet responded

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