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Author Topic:   The 2020 Democratic Presidential Nomination Campaign
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From: Ky U.S.
Joined: 12-25-2009

Message 484 of 505 (875383)
04-24-2020 5:14 PM
Reply to: Message 483 by RAZD
04-24-2020 1:44 PM

Re: Cuomo for President
After watching the news and the press conferences it seems to me that the one person acting in a responsible and intelligent manner is Gov. Cuomo.
Certainly more pro active and on the ball than Biden.
Can we write him in for the remaining primaries?
That seems to be the idea - Cuomo is getting tons of face time on the news, even Fox news. So far, he vehemently denies any desire to be president, but that's probably part of the plan. Biden is obviously less sharp than he used to be, that's not a put down, just a fact. Many people get Alzheimer's / dementia at a younger age than he is. He would be 78 by inauguration time, if elected. Other than one or two obscure 3rd party candidates, no one has ever attempted to run for a first term as president at that late age.
Safe to say that the U.S. presidency is more a more stressful job than it has ever been in history. An excellent chance that Biden would die in office during his first term. If it is actually planned for Biden to be officially nominated as the Democrat candidate (which I doubt), there have got to be a lot of enthusiastic people lining up to be his VP, because everybody knows that the quickest way from relative obscurity to political stardom is to be the vice president when the president dies in office.
Who else here wants to see Cuomo plugged in as Biden's replacement? Or would it be better for Biden to be propped up in the oval office while behind-the-scenes people call the shots?

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Posts: 1522
From: Ky U.S.
Joined: 12-25-2009

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04-28-2020 7:19 PM
Reply to: Message 489 by Hyroglyphx
04-28-2020 1:22 PM

Re: Cuomo for President
I would rather see a salamander high on Methamphetamine to be a replacement to Biden. I don't understand why the DNC has still not learned from their gross miscalculations from the last election. They conspired against Bernie then to plug in Clinton, who might as well be the devil incarnate to most people on earth, as their go to.
Then they again politically assassinated anyone halfway competent to play the role as president and to beat Trump.
Who did they choose? Creepy uncle Joe, who has fondness for inappropriately touching and fondling pubescent girls, cannot go five sentences without inserting some kind of stupid gaffe, and recently has the cognitive ability of a 4 year old. This is your guy to beat Trump???
IMHO, this is what happened - the Democrats needed a second coming of Obama or Bill Clinton. They had several possibilities, Buttigieg, Booker, O'Rourke, Klobuchar, Yang. But they were new to the game, while Sanders had so much popularity in his pocket left over from the 2016 campaign. It was Sanders who kept any of them from emerging as a front runner. While Sanders had the most adoration, he also had the most 'never Sanders' voters in the primaries. Those voters chose the most popular of the other candidates (a two term vice president) to get Sanders beaten. It worked, but now Biden's usefulness is largely over.
Trump will bury this guy alive, make him look so stupid on stage, and will rile Joe up so much that he'll probably resort to physically challenging Trump to a fist fight.
This guy is such a disaster.
I hope you're right, but I'm not that optimistic. There might not even be a presidential debate, Trump might refuse them considering the mike-cutting games, and other games that the mainstream media will use during any debates. They hate Trump 10 times worse than their news reporting ancestors hated Nixon 47 years ago. They are a BIG asset to any Democrat candidate.
Seems like one of two inevitabilities will occur. His cognition will degrade so much that he's all but removed from office for the safety and security of the United States or he will die in office, which means whoever is really pulling the strings in his administration had better pick wisely as to his vice president.
I'm sure they will. And whoever it is will have an excellent chance in a debate against Pence - Pence isn't as quick witted during hostile questioning as are many in politics, including Trump.
Congratulations, Democrats... you just got Donald Trump reelected twice. You have no one to blame but yourselves.
Cheer up, Biden with a good vice president, the news media doing everything in their power to cover for him, and ANY downturn in world affairs including economic, medical, or any military action taken by anyone from now until November, will be skillfully blamed on Trump. And a lot of swing voters will swallow it.

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