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Author Topic:   Africa trip booked
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05-10-2019 10:31 AM

My family has a connection to South Africa. My mother-in-law volunteered at a home for children with HIV/AIDS for 7 years after she retired as a teacher. The same organization had a hospice for severely ill children. One of the infants sent there, because he had hydrocephalus,
received treatment, survived and became her son. She takes him back once a year. He is now 12. My wife and I have been there twice. This year we are going back with them and bringing our 9 year old. We all share a house and we raise the boys as brothers.

Last week I booked our airfare to Johannesburg and today I booked a side trip to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.
We are also going to go to the Chobe National Park in Botswana.

This will be a trip of a lifetime. My mother in law has been twice before. She turned 70 this year and wants to make sure we experience it while she can still easily travel.

We will be on our trip last week of September, first week of October. If I get and really good photos, I will make sure to post them when I get back.

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