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EvC Forum Side Orders Coffee House Conservative Racism

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Author Topic:   Conservative Racism
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06-10-2019 7:52 PM
Reply to: Message 50 by ringo
06-05-2019 11:58 AM

Re: No this is not about racism
Faith would be a racist if she believes caucasians are superior to all other races.
I dont think there are very many pure races anymore. There are quite a few people with pale skin who sunburn easily. If faith has that quality of skin, I find it hard to believe she thinks that is superior to all other skin types. But it seems to me that people are calling faith a racist based on other criteria than skin color. She wants limits on immigration. Not all countries are equal. Some have more to offer America than others. Culture is Important to people. People take pride in the culture of their nation. Imagine the shoe was on the other foot. Iran is fiercely Islamic. How would it's people feel if Christians made up over 50 percent of the nation over a very short period of time. They would consider it akin to a medieval crusade. Culture is not race. If you bring in new cultures, it has to be at a slow pace; otherwise, society fragments and you have a recipe for civil war. If cultures dont blend and become one new culture, hostility is bound to escalate. That type of society is ideal for a totalitarian dictatorship in order to keep peace and order. Another result of such a society is that politicians will pit these disparate groups as victims of a boogey man which is generally the culture that either is the dominant one or recently was dominant. These politicians will promise to protect these "marginalized" groups from "oppression" in exchange for votes. This goes on way past the time that historical oppression has been largely eliminated. The politicians goal is to keep the disparate identity groups seething in rage and resentment so that the promises made to them will be perceptibly valuable.

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06-10-2019 9:05 PM

Reihan Salam

A person of Bangladeshi heritage.


I dare say he and faith disagree little in this speech and yet I doubt many of you consider him a racist.

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