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Author Topic:   Should We Get Rid of the Filibuster?
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06-18-2019 1:03 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by Taq
06-18-2019 11:52 AM

I have always opposed the idea of the filibuster. Not only does it violate the fundamental principle of "majority rule ", but in this age of hyperpartisan politics all it does is prevent necessary legislation and, as was apparent during the Obama administration, gives too much power to the executive branch.

I suppose one could argue that in the case of lifelong tenure of judges, it would make sense in judicial appointments to ensure the judicial nominees enjoy a broad consensus of support. But notice it is the Republicans who removed the filibuster for Supreme Court appointments.

If the Democrats take control of the Senate, they should finally complete the process and remove the filibuster for ordinary legislation.

It says something about the qualities of our current president that the best argument anyone has made in his defense is that he didn’t know what he was talking about. -- Paul Krugman

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