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Author Topic:   Creationist Mindset
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07-23-2019 5:44 PM

Sounds Familiar
I have to say that this sounds a lot like my mother in many ways. She doesn't try to convert people, but nearly every time I am around her she has a new story about Christians being persecuted by evil non-Christians, or by society in general. It's as if she needs to feel persecuted. I strongly suspect that most, if not all, of her stories are probably "fake news" that makes the rounds in Christian conservative circles which only adds to my strange fascination about the psychology of religious belief.

As with any generalization, there are probably going to be exceptions to the description in the opening post. My brother actually works in Campus Crusades, and he tends to be a pretty laid back dude. He doesn't annoy people, and prefers instead to advertise the existence of his ministry and let people come to him. I also never hear him talk about being persecuted, or telling the same stories I hear from my mother. He is also younger (30 years) and a bit more liberal in his views, so that may have something to do with it.

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