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Author Topic:   The Hate Thread
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08-09-2019 10:25 AM

I was recently forced (in my administrative role) to moderate an out-of-control humor thread. (ironic, isnt it?) Our member,Faith, was getting dogpiled by our other, more liberal posters and responded very emotionally strongly in the Humor thread. I've hidden that exchange as it was out of place in the humor thread but thought that perhaps we needed a thread about hate all of its own.

So EvC Members...here it is. Please save your emotionally charged exchanges between each other (usually politically) for this thread. Perhaps one of you from each political ideology might start the thread out by explaining why your side (be they Left, Moderate, or Right) is the least hateful group among them.

It has always been my contention that human nature transcends political boundaries. We have Left Wing Racists and Right Wing Racists. As A Christian, I realize that all have sinned...including Christians. This thread is not about one ideology over another. It is simply a place at our forum for ranting at one another. I will not moderate your potty mouths here, (nor your attempts at humorous jabs at the opposition) but I will insist that all hate or reaction to hate be addressed at this thread.

If anyone is opposed to the concept of a "hate thread" please feel free to also address that here. And by the way, Faith---I am trying not to pick on you specifically...I feel that the situation at the humor thread was not entirely your fault...but I will stand by my decision to suspend you for a bit. I likely will unsuspend you before the day is out, but I insist that any strong emotional replies be saved for this thread only. This goes for all of you.

  • Please stay on topic for a thread. Open a new thread for new topics.
  • Points should be supported with evidence and reasoned argumentation.
  • The sincerely held beliefs of other members deserve your respect. Please keep discussion civil. Argue the position, not the person.

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