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Author Topic:   The Hate Thread
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Message 41 of 67 (861714)
08-25-2019 5:09 PM
Reply to: Message 39 by RAZD
08-25-2019 4:43 PM

Re: The Media In General Is More Corporate Profit than News
From Wikipedia:
A 2016 study which sought to measure incendiary discourse on talk radio and TV found that Levin scored highest on its measure of "outrage". The study looked at 10 prominent radio and television programs, known for incendiary discourse on political matters, and scored content on the basis of whether it used "emotional display", "misrepresentative exaggeration", "mockery", "conflagration", "slippery slope", "insulting" or "obscene language" and other factors, finding that Levin was the radio host who engaged in the most outrage. The study found that he utilized "outrage speech or behavior at a rate of more than one instance per minute."[5] In How Democracies Die, Harvard University political scientists Daniel Ziblatt and Steven Levitsky write that Mark Levin was among the popular right-wing talk radio hosts who "helped to legitimate the use of uncivil discourse" in American politics, and contribute to the erosion of democratic norms.[61]


According to The Guardian, "constant attacks on Democrats and the left are important components" of Levin's modus operandi.[62] ...

He's also outspokenly buys into several right-wingnut conspiracy theories.

The guy's an extreme right-wingnut. No wonder Faith loves him so much. Her own rhetoric here appears to be a toned-down version of Levin's.

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