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Author Topic:   strange experience at confession
a servant of Christ
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08-10-2019 10:48 PM

the priest spoke to my sensibilities and the Christ I believe in and worship. However, I was so messed up because of many factors, I merely soaked in his beautiful poetry about Listening to God and and loving yourself and how Christ is love.

he made everybody meditate on the gospel and other readings during mass

i came up with an idea for a gospel-oriented novella.

future is bright i guess

i just wasn't expecting to talk to a "real" priest.

this guy is cerebral, spent time thinking on Christ, and he dispenses the Sacrament of Confession how it's supposed to be done, which is odd and unusual.

i don't know what to say or do.

Confession as a sacrament of Loving Forgiveness, and I'm trying to understand how to grow my relationship to Christ.

There's no plausible reason why I am still on this planet. My life was more fucked than most.

Yet Christ has redeemed my life, and given me active purpose, he's a friend and God has purposefully chosen me.

When Christ says he sifts among the riff-raff for his chosen, he's not kidding.

The Holy Spirit dispensed the sacrament tonight.

the human is a soul that can heal.

evolutionary science negates the human soul, more important than fleshy shells we inhabit.

i have experienced real healing from a religion that is considered primitive and pagan.

Christ has taken me to a place of profound healing and negated the wounds of my past.

i serve the servant God for eternity.

you find happiness when you negate your ego and serve God.

when you love yourself and love others as that too.

when you become smaller than Paul

God has made me great

and I was not meant to be this great.

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