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Author Topic:   Reaching For The Invisible God
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08-14-2019 9:37 AM
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08-13-2019 4:55 PM

God is Love
Thugpreacha writes:

Yancey is an accomplished author and a known man of God. He writes:

I think it's always so interesting when the word "God" can be replaced with "Love" and the meaning of the text remains exactly the same.

Try this (altered as I described) -

I HAVE MENTIONED THAT distractions can push Love away from the center of my life-in truth, they push Love out of my field of consciousness altogether. I work alone, as every writer must, so I cannot blame my Love-forgetfulness on other people. Even more embarrassing to admit, I make my living writing books about Love! I read devotional or theological books, check items off my to-do list, write a chapter or an article, and collect any thoughts that might someday make their way into my writing. It amazes me how I can sail through this daily routine without giving Love much thought or putting into practice what I write. I could write a beautiful paragraph about inner peace and serenity, but if some software error causes me to lose that paragraph, any inner peace and serenity will vanish faster than the electrons on my computer monitor. As Stile confessed in a pre-technological era, "I neglect Love for the noise of a fly, the rattling of a coach, the creaking of a door."16-6
Stile. Reaching for the Invisible Love (pp. 200-201). Zondervan. Kindle Edition.

Cool, huh?

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