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Author Topic:   Biased accounts of intelligent design
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01-30-2022 6:51 PM
Reply to: Message 146 by FLRW
09-08-2020 5:36 PM

Re: Geting back to the question of ID
Can I jump in this thread?

Actually, I had been contacting Meyer (and all camps against Evolution) to join forces with me since EVOLUTION, although it is totally wrong, has more models than the old ID as being supported by Meyer and Behe.

For example,
1. In the topic of change of species.. evolution model is evolution ..old ID? none
2. In the topic of origin of species...evolution is the model with its mechanisms...old ID? Creation?
3. In the topic of biological cell... evolution model is gradual formation, from simple to complex (Stupid Darwin reasoning)... in the old ID? complex or coded information
4. In the whole topic in Biology as complete theory? Evolution is the answer...old ID? none.

whereas in the new Intelligent Design ..

1. has universal boundary line between intel to non-intel...evolution? None! A must for science!!!
2. new id has universal limit of origin...evolution? none! A MUST for science!!!
3. new id model of origin is intellen creation... evolution?? evolution...no-intelligent change...test?? none!
4. Change of species? interrelation... evolution?? non-intel change...no test, thus, not science!
5. origin of species...interrelation with creation... evolution? change A to B? with no test? no science

Thus, evolution will never win against the new ID ... Meyer and all of you should know it or be forever defeated by Evolution!

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