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Author Topic:   Biased accounts of intelligent design
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08-25-2020 2:29 PM
Reply to: Message 139 by Jedothek
08-24-2020 6:17 PM

Re: Geting back to the question of ID
Jedothek writes:

What is the difference between the two scenarios?

Cuneiform tablets look designed - they look like writing carved into stone.

Flagella, mitochondria or the genetic code itself (DNA) look natural.
They are all just natural things in their natural state. Nothing carved into them, nothing added to them, nothing removed. Just natural stuff doing natural things.

If you want to take something that looks natural and say it "looks designed!" to you - you're going to have to identify what you think "design" looks like.

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 Message 139 by Jedothek, posted 08-24-2020 6:17 PM Jedothek has not yet responded

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