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Author Topic:   Faith vs Facts Opinion Piece
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11-10-2019 10:48 AM
Reply to: Message 1 by AdminPhat
11-10-2019 10:06 AM

Disagree with the premise
I dispute the implication you are making that non believers need to give fundies a pass because of their beliefs. If they are wrong they are wrong and should be called out. If you deny factual evidence because of your belief you should be called out. If you spew hate and disinformation you should be called out. Facts dont change because of your beliefs or anyone else's beliefs.

There is no exception to reality because of unevidenced, counter factual beliefs. I agree that trying to change fundie minds is mostly a waste of time. But that does not mean I and others should just roll over and let them spew hate and disinformation. We should and must continue to challenge their rejection of scientific evidence and their promotion of ignorance and hate.

You can revel in your own ignorance but do not expect it to go unchallenged.

Facts don't lie or have an agenda. Facts are just facts

"God did it" is not an argument. It is an excuse for intellectual laziness.

If your viewpoint has merits and facts to back it up why would you have to lie?

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