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Author Topic:   When did Republicans learn to hate Democrats more than Russia?
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11-29-2019 5:59 PM

not sure that is even relevant any more.
The question about Russia or Communism or even Fascism may well be irrelevant and unimportant.

Today, once again, it is the question of Oligarchy, Democracy and Anarchy. Once the Supreme Court made bribing politicians not just legal but a Constitutional Right what we are seeing is yet again the world wide rise of the Oligarchies. It's based on marketing the concept that being wealthy is a sign of God's Approval and that YOU have the God Given right to rule; it doesn't much matter if it is the Russian Oligarchs, the Chinese Oligarchs, the European Oligarchs, the North Korean Oligarchs; it is the Divine Right of the Wealthy writ large.

Buckley and Citizens United spelled the end of Democracy in the US for this round and it appears that is what the US citizenship wants. Why should they worry, let the people God Anointed Rule.

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