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Author Topic:   Coronavirus and Pandemics
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04-12-2020 5:09 PM

A lesson in fake news
This is how so much news is reported today, if only people would think for themselves instead of just being satisfied with these hate filled reporters twisting and distorting what's actually going on.
From the 20 to 30 second mark, it only shows Trump giving his responses, they cover up what the questions actually were. Then, at 1:10, they showed the question being asked by a Fox News reporter, only they cut it short without showing the entire question, then they showed his response to what the video doesn't show. It showed cut-ups of his answers, and it's highly suspect when he said "so horrid in the way you ask a question", he wasn't talking to the Fox reporter at all, that was probably at another time to someone like Acosta. Then, at the 2:00 mark, a question from a CBS reporter, asking him what someone else meant, a half second of Trump getting started on his response, and then back to a scowling Jake Tapper, who only described Trumps answer in his (Tapper's) words, then disagreeing with it.
Then Tapper askes several questions, (as if Trump is listening) related to supplies and timelines, questions that any Democrat in Trump's position wouldn't be able to answer with any more certainty than Trump does. Then another question in the vid from another reporter, Tapper cuts off Trump's response, and describes Trump's answer in his own words, and pretends to be talking directly to Trump again. And looking so sad that Trump's not answering him, largely because Trump isn't there.
Tapper says that these attack questions won't go away, but he forgets that those types of questions wouldn't be there at all if it was Obama or Biden standing there. Here's a question that does tend to go away, considering today's news media bias; "Mr. President, the U.S. hasn't had a virus like this in 100 years, it stands to reason that you didn't snap to attention to it in a time frame that would keep us from putting you down for it. Do you believe you would have been in a clearer frame of mind to respond to it back in January if the Democrats didn't have you distracted with their impeachment game?
Trump is doing far more press briefings and taking more time for questions than any other president would in a time like this, because there are several past examples - Carter with the Iranian hostage crisis, Bush during 9/11, etc. He does it largely so whoever watches it can see what's actually being said, and can see how fake news reports are edited. Many are mislead by the fake news video above, and of course many committed Trump haters are amused by it. But another, admittedly probably smaller, segment of the population are wise to it. News media ratings continue to be below that of Congress, and that's low.

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